How our #GreenFootprints initiative will make Mumbai a better place to live

Global warming has become one of the crucial topics in the past few decades for scientists, environmentalists, the various governments and people around the world. Global warming as a concern is indeed becoming so severe that if unchecked, it will render earth lifeless in a few hundred years. The dire warning is also being relayed to us through movies, TV shows, news, radio, and social media. So what exactly is global warming; what are its consequences; how is it caused and how can it be curbed?

What is global warming?

Global warming is defined as an abnormal rise in earth’s average temperature over a period. As the temperature rises, the planet’s climate alters, causing significant changes in the weather patterns, flora and fauna.

Has it occurred before?

Science has shown us that our Earth has already undergone several periods of global warming in the past, followed by global cooling, way before humans even evolved.

If global warming has occurred before, why worry now?

The reason behind the warming is simple. Global warming before humans, was due to natural causes. It stopped after a period and hence was reversed on its own. The current one is driven by a sharp rise of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere because of population explosion, rapid industrialisation and deforestation. This gas, which is expelled by automobiles, factories, animals and humans, prevents heat from escaping into the space, and is causing the planet’s temperature to go up gradually. The number of automobiles, machines, and industries that spew this noxious gas are going up to meet the demands of an ever-increasing population. Trees and forests that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen are also being cut down, which further increases the amount of the heat-trapping gas in our atmosphere. This man-made increase in the levels of carbon dioxide can’t be reversed if we continue down this very path.

What are the consequences of man-made global warming?

The consequences of irreversible global warming are terrible. Life, which only thrives in certain temperature ranges, will be wiped out from the face of the Earth, if the planet’s mercury continues to rise unchecked. Even if the global temperature increases by a couple of degrees in the next few decades, it will result in an acute scarcity of fresh water, leading to mass migration of population from one place to another. Such migrations will put an immense strain on the region’s infrastructure. Although our planet still has a habitable climate, it may slowly change in the next few hundred years if its temperature continues to rise due to induced global warming.

How long before global warming starts affecting our planet?

The bad news is that the harmful effects of climate change have already started to show up on planet Earth. They include unusual weather (severe in some cases), rising sea levels (due to the melting of ice), and disappearing fauna among others.

How do we curb global warming?

The amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere can be reduced by following some simple steps. One way to do so is by reducing, reusing, and recycling garbage. Another simple way is by increasing the number of trees in our surroundings.

Kanakia Group’s contribution towards reducing Global warming

Our group, which has acquired the distinct reputation of being one of Mumbai’s premium developers, is keen to protect the environment for the future generations. We understand the grim consequences of global warming, as well as the negative impact it will have on India’s booming economy. To offset the problems that are caused by the ever-increasing carbon footprint, we undertake various initiatives that will make our localities green, and thus pleasantly habitable.
One such initiative that was undertaken by us was #GreenFootprints, which was launched in collaboration with the Green Health Foundation. The Green Health Foundation is at the forefront of tree plantations all over Mumbai.
Through this drive, we aimed to plant several thousand saplings across the city. We roped in around 5000 school and college-going students as we believe, that children are our future. Show them the right way and they will lead us to a better tomorrow.
These students were more than eager to participate in the event and even lauded our efforts to protect the environment. With their help, we managed to plant around 4000 saplings at various places in Mumbai, thereby making this initiative a huge success.
In support of the initiative, Manisha Deshpande, VP, Marketing, Kanakia Group, was quoted saying, “We got all these college students, the students of our schools, which also included RBK schools, to plant and nurture these trees, which will give back to nature, and of course increase the green footprint we leave on our environment, in the long run.”
To add to that, Faiyaz Rangwala, the Director, Sales and Marketing, Kanakia Group said, “Kanakia’s association with this institution aims at planting trees all over Mumbai. This initiative is our bit for the environment and we will keep striving towards it.”

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